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Pexapark is trusted by the world’s leading energy companies

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Build your investment case faster

Are you choosing the most profitable assets?

  • Find the best location for your new assets

    Simply drop a pin on the map to reveal the location that will generate the greatest PPA prices for your new assets.

  • Choose the best PPA structure

    Easily compare PPA structures for pay as produced, monthly and annual baseload contracts and identify the most profitable option.

  • Ensure your new asset is profitable

    Know the revenue your future assets can generate by using our quantitative Monte-Carlo pricing algorithms, combined with our market-based prices.

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Ensure new projects meet your profitability criteria

Can you guarantee your predicted revenue is achievable?

  • See your project worth in real time

    Evaluate your potential project revenue on current market prices and update your financial modelling in line with market fluctuations.

  • Know your best (and worst) Investment case scenarios

    View minimum, maximum and average market prices for the last 12 month rolling period. Know your expected returns for new assets.

  • Get investment faster

    Get the right data to justify your investment case and provide the level of details your board and investor love.

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