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Get confidence to lend at competitive rates

Are you confident you can properly assess risk to make the right renewable lending decisions?

  • Know your sponsor’s (risk-weighted) revenue

    Get an insight into the (projected) revenue sponsors will achieve for their renewable assets. View daily benchmark prices on Europe’s price reference platform for wind and solar PPAs.

  • Assess credit risk

    Understand the value of credit risk for each PPA. See calculated risk deductions based on credit rating, by tenor and market with the help of Pexapark’s pricing algorithms.

  • Understand renewable markets

    Access our insight reports and get a deeper understanding of market activity, liquidity and trends. Get the information you need to support your risk analysis for secure lending decisions.

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Give assurance to your credit committee

Can you quantify energy risk to ease your credit committee’s concerns?

  • Quantify future cash flow

    Calculate the liquidity shortfall probability by month or by quarter for each renewable loan agreement. Know the likelihood of negative cash flows at any point to evaluate risk.

  • Stay within risk tolerances

    Ensure loans are resilient to energy risks and volatility by assessing scenarios against different price curves with our quantitative software. Know the probability of returns.

  • Assess the full investment lifetime

    Determine the bankability of a potential renewable project with our quantitative pricing and risk analysis. Simulate expected cash flow in a few clicks, for the entire investment lifetime.

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