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Pexapark’s Vision

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Why we exist. Our purpose.

At Pexapark, we empower renewable energy players to thrive in post subsidy markets. Keeping renewable investments attractive is our contribution to a more sustainable world.

Through the phasing out of subsidy schemes, renewable energy investors become exposed to the electricity market and face entirely new challenges. How to replace guaranteed subsidy revenue with Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)? How to sell and hedge renewable energy and actively manage energy market risks?

To date, only professional energy traders and utilities have built the sophistication to find answers to these questions. At Pexapark, we help our clients building up the capabilities, processes and systems to successfully navigate these challenges.

This enables renewable energy players to preserve capital and remain competitive in the market.

The journey began in August 2017, when energy traders Michael Waldner and Luca Pedretti, together with software entrepreneur Florian Müller, set out to do their share in shaping the renewable energy transition.

They began to build a complete solution for renewable energy investors and operators with tools that would support the entire process: identifying opportunities and pricing energy sales contracts, execute, monitor and manage renewable energy revenues and risks, contracts and complex portfolios in post subsidy markets.

The solution is built on leading edge technology to cover the complexity of the market, but remains simple to operate.

Our vision to bring more transparency to renewable energy markets is turning into reality, thanks to our team of over 100 Pexans.

Pexapark customers are able to stay informed on market changes and act on price information with our daily reference prices, market intelligence and data analytics. Moreover, our advisory services and portfolio management software go one step further, providing deeper support to execute deals, optimise portfolios and develop strategies.

The team have supported over 32 GW of PPA transactions in Europe and the United States and have begun standardising risk and pricing methodologies for key market players.

How we do it. Our mission.

Here’s what we specifically do to empower energy players:

  • We create transparency. As in any market, this favours new business and increases liquidity.
  • We standardise methodologies. Recognised renewable energy pricing and risk quantification lowers frictions.
  • We educate the industry. Renewable energy risk is a topic close to our heart, and by sharing with the renewables community, we help train the talent that will successfully navigate the challenges of the post subsidy markets.
  • We digitise the route to market. Transactions with renewable energy should come with easy execution.
  • We provide a complete software suite. This allows investors to easily manage renewable energy exposure end-to-end and avoid excessive risk taking or being priced out of the market.

Where we get to. Our Vision

To be the Operating System that empowers renewable energy players to have an edge in post subsidy markets.

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