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Master green energy procurement

Are you ready to learn the best strategies for green energy sales?

  • Crack renewable sales contracts

    Join our academies to understand the A to Z of PPAs. Learn different PPA structures and find out which contractual terms and procurement agreements work best for your business.

  • Pay the right price

    Get the same pricing intelligence as the leading utilities, with Pexapark’s award-winning software, and know the right price you should pay for green energy.

  • Find your advantage

    Secure the best deals by understanding your pricing advantage. See the difference you can pay, compared to other market players, by not having hedging and risk costs.

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Meet your sustainability goals faster

Is your network big enough to achieve your sustainability goals?

  • Reach green energy sellers faster

    Request quotes for green energy within a few clicks and get connected to Europe’s leading clean energy sellers.

  • Get your RFQs seen

    Post your requests in front of Europe’s leading power producers and utilities via our award winning platform.

  • Buy green energy faster

    Reduce your research from weeks to minutes. Take the hassle out of building your renewable sellers network and start securing your PPAs faster with our software solutions.

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