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Pexapark is trusted by the world’s leading energy companies

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Easier project preparation

Would you like to find your next successful project faster?

  • Choose the best location

    Identify at a glance the most profitable locations. Base LCOE costs against daily benchmark PPA prices in different countries to establish likely returns for your next project.

  • Get market insights faster

    Get our insight reports and easily learn who the latest key players are, liquidity level, types of PPAs being executed, balancing costs, and GoOs in locations of interest to you.

  • Discover your potential asset revenue

    View market-based PPA pricing for wind and solar contracts in 17 different markets. Simulate various customised PPAs and determine expected cash flow for a future project.

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“It’s the partner each company in the renewable world should engage, to get better PPA prices, taking evaluated risk and optimise its power portfolio”

Alice Cajani PPA Origination & Trading Manager EMEA , Energy Group, Canadian Solar

Get the returns you expect

How can you ensure your project will be a success?

  • Set realistic pricing expectations

    Accurately create best, worst and average pricing scenarios for your new projects by accessing PPA pricing data for the last 12 months and seeing market trends.

  • Keep track of your project value

    View daily pricing movement and accurately calculate future expected returns throughout your development project. Make better commercial decisions based on real market data.

  • Save time

    Don’t waste time searching for hidden PPA data. Focus on your core project activities and get all the data you need, in minutes, from our award-winning software solutions.

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