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Pexapark is trusted by the world’s leading energy companies

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Master risk in the most volatile market

Are you equipped to protect revenue in the new era of post subsidy markets?

  • Become a risk expert

    Join our academies and discover the best ways to manage energy risks. Learn robust valuation methodologies, analytics, and risk programs to protect your revenue.

  • Manage risk beyond the PPA

    Learn how to form a rock-solid risk policy. Set appropriate risk limits, with the help of quantitative risk analysis. Understand how hedging and risk strategies can work to mitigate risk.

  • Build your risk foundation

    Discover the right components to manage risks in post subsidy markets. Learn how to introduce and build an in-house risk management organisation.

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“Pexapark, making this knowledge transparent and accessible will be a key driver of the evolution and growth of unsubsidised renewable energy”

Viviana Ciancibello Senior Business Developer, European Power Derivatives at EEX

Hedge like a pro

Could you be making more efficient hedging decisions?

  • Know when to hedge

    See how pricing shocks and market movement may influence the value of your portfolio. Get quantitative decision support on how to optimally manage your open position.

  • Take advantage of your portfolio

    Hedge efficiently by taking advantage of portfolio correlations. Benefit from diversification across geography and technology for your renewable portfolio.

  • Hedge like the utility giants

    Determine the best deal opportunities using utility-grade analytical tools. Perform ‘What if?’ analysis, compare like-for-like PPAs to see risk impact of potential hedging decisions.

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Optimise your portfolio

Could you get more value from your portfolio?

  • Know your daily position

    Get a view of your risk position as deals close and production and price change. Have confidence your volumes are not exposed to excessive risks and that you have the right hedge ratio in place.

  • Achieve the right diversification balance

    Correctly adjust your investment and hedging decisions by understanding the risk correlations across your entire portfolio. Minimise both hedging costs and portfolio exposure.

  • Fine-tune your portfolio management

    See the exposure impact across your portfolio, for key risk drivers such as pricing, profile, capture and balancing risks. Define the best hedging strategies for each specific driver to mitigate risk.

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“Pexapark help us to define and implement a rolling hedging strategy for our 50 MW merchant PV Plant Algibicos in Spain. It will be the blue print for our growing merchant exposure.”

Álvaro Nevado Asset Manager at EKZ

Rock Solid Reporting

How accurate are your board reports?

  • Build investor confidence

    Unlock funding with comprehensive project valuation. Show the expected cashflow for your investment, considering all the complexities and nuances inherent in renewable valuation.

  • Get data you can trust

    Leverage the power of machine learning and produce highly accurate revenue reports and forecasts, even when data is incomplete. Know the uncertainty level for estimated values.

  • Access utility grade risk reporting

    Get access to clean and structured energy data at your fingertips be it market prices, production data, risk metrics – access it, export it or feed it directly into your reporting systems.

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Get ahead of the risk race

Do you have what it takes to win in the new era of post subsidy energy markets?

  • Move faster in liquid markets

    Seize new commercial opportunities whilst keeping risk inline with your investment goals by using our quantitative risk analytics solutions.

  • Think more commercially

    Have the power to exploit market prices utilising advanced pricing algorithms. Schedule maintenance when revenue is low, instead of only relying on production values.

  • Stay lean and grow

    Empower your team to manage more assets by digitalising your renewable portfolio and risk management. Leverage our quantitative risk and pricing methodologies for faster analysis.

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