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Pexapark partners with energy leaders to continue pushing the frontier of renewable energy

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Build your business case

Let our energy storage experts evaluate the potential value of your storage project, either as co-located with a renewable energy asset or as a standalone storage project

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Build an optimised model

Design highly performant co-located energy projects, based on advanced quantitative analysis, energy storage experts and our proprietary energy storage pricing data

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Future proof your projects

Mitigate long-term effects of cannibalization by assessing various configurations of power ratio to storage and different hedging strategies only possible via hybridisation

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Secure the right PPAs

Close storage PPAs that future proof your revenues by having shortlisted proposals from offtakers and optimisers quantifiably analysed and like for like deals compared

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Optimise Storage PPAs

Fine tune your PPAs commercial terms and have them stress tested against volatility, pricing and volume scenarios to select the commercially highest performing deals​

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Secure more value for your assets

Get PPA deals negotiated by experienced advisors with 30GW proven track record, lock in the most favourable terms to maximise revenue potential and minimise risk

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