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Presented in conjunction with our partner, leading global energy storage organisation


Energy Storage Fundamentals Academy

Build an energy storage business case your business can’t refuse

  • Aim of the course

    Discover the key market opportunities and trends for energy storage projects across the EU and UK. Understand the co-location model and how to maximise your project revenue.

  • You’ll walk away with

    The knowledge needed to create a solid business case for introducing energy storage, how to unlock its full value potential and a good understanding of hybrid project PPAs.

  • Who should attend this course?

    This course is designed for Senior managers, asset managers, heads of energy sales and investment managers. It is ideal for anyone looking to build an energy storage investment strategy.

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“The PPA experts of Pexapark distinguished themselves through their deep knowledge of the matters and rich experience in energy trading."

Heiko Ruland CFA. Senior Portfolio Manager, Vice President at Allianz Global Investors GmbH

Your Energy Storage Academy Teachers

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Dr Werner Trabesinger

Head of Quantitative Products

Werner is head of Pexapark’s quantitative products. He has 10 years’ experience at Axpo Trading, working as Head of Structured Trading in Europe.

You can expect to enrich your course, by gaining his insights into leading utilities’ approach to risk quantification and management.

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Brian Knowles

Director of Storage & Flexibility

Brian Knowles leads the Energy Storage Advisory team at Pexapark, focusing on incorporating energy storage analytics into Pexapark’s flagship software products.
Brian has developed, financed, and built solar and storage projects in the US market and provided consultancy to major global asset owners.

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Dr Jo (Xuejiao) Han

Lead Storage Quant

Jo has 6 years of experience in energy economics, power markets and optimization modelling in the energy sector.
She has been leading the quantification of storage-related services at Pexapark and will provide the insights for how to valuate the standalone and co-located storage projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is battery storage?

    Battery storage, also known as battery energy storage systems (BESS) is a type of electrical energy storage system (EESS). In this course we discuss short duration storage technologies such as Li-Ion batteries and Flow batteries.

  • How can energy storage increase the value of your project?

    Having energy storage allows renewable power producers the flexibility to shape their generation profile and deliver energy to the grid when it is the most valuable.. With co-located energy storage, producers can mitigate the effects of price cannibalisation or de-risk their market exposure under various types of PPAs. However success is only possible with the optimal energy storage configuration and price modelling.

  • How much does the academy cost and where does it take place?

    This academy is run in conjunction with PPA Advanced, The price is €3350 for both two days. This includes lunch, dinner and networking opportunities.

    The third edition of our Energy Storage Academy will take place on the 4th and 5th of April 2023 Zurich. We hope to see you there!