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Understand market dynamics

Guide investment decisions based on comprehensive understanding of who the buyers, sellers and competitors are and insights into future market dynamics

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Minimise investment risk

Build on our in-depth transaction experience to perform PPA due diligence for new acquisitions. Understand country-specific PPA risks and how to address them

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Stay on the pulse

Leverage market intelligence combined with a PexaQuote subscription as part of a report bundle and view daily updated pricing data to monitor market activity

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Develop your PPA sourcing strategy

Access credible market information prepared by our experienced analysts. Identify the optimal markets and sellers that best cater to your future energy demand

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Market Insight Reports

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Germany saw 23 publicly announced PPAs signed in 2022, ranking it number two across Europe and demonstrating how the country’s renewable sector continues to go from strength to strength. Pexapark’s German Market Insight Report provides the answers for its PPA market success and analyses its market fundamentals as well as the emerging PPA trends, helping you successfully navigate the upcoming German PPA market.

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Keeping the crown as Europe’s top PPA market for four consecutive years, Spain has flourished thanks to its excellent solar and wind resources, which have led to a mature market with very active corporate and utility offtakers. Pexapark’s Spanish Market Insight Report summarises the country’s PPA successes and sets out the market’s dynamics in the face of growing corporate interest, helping PPA sellers and buyers recognise the latest developments and prepare for the next phase of the Spanish PPA market.

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Italy’s PPA market has benefited from high power prices making PPAs more attractive since 2021, leading to the announcement of 9 long-term PPAs in 2022. However, the country’s complex zonal market design and lengthy authorisation processes have kept its PPA market from maturing at rates seen elsewhere in Europe. Pexapark’s Italian Market Insight Report explains how the Italian government hopes to overcome these roadblocks, what role PPAs are expected to play in achieving Italy’s ambitious renewables targets for 2030 and providing sellers and buyers the expertise to navigate the pitfalls of the market.