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Pexapark is trusted by the world’s leading energy companies

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Extract more revenue from post subsidy markets

Could you earn more with better knowledge of PPAs and risk management?

  • Master PPAs

    Watch your PnL rocket with better PPA management. Learn how to structure PPAs driving the most revenue and know which commercial terms you should be accepting.

  • Master Risk

    Get peace of mind that you can protect your revenue, even in the most volatile market. Learn how to manage the key merchant and energy risks that could be jeopardising your profits.

  • Negotiate like a pro

    Optimise PPAs by mastering negotiations for your offtaker pricing and terms. Determine fair pricing by accessing daily benchmark prices and our PPA experts will help you achieve the best terms.

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“We selected Pexaquote to see on a daily basis how market movement affects PPA prices and benchmark Pexapark’s data analysis tools against our own PPA market intelligence”

Daniel Parsons Head of PPA at BayWa.r.e. Renewable Energy

Get the same intelligence advantages as Utility giants

Are you correctly set up to succeed in today’s markets?

  • Beef up your transaction tools

    Get the same pricing intelligence as utilities with Pexapark’s award winning software. Simulate multiple deals and lock in the best price to risk ratio for your PPAs.

  • Get your PPAs done by experts

    Sit back while our PPA experts handle your PPA transactions, optimising all sources of revenue and protecting it across the entire deal lifetime.

  • Base decisions on proven analytics

    Master the complexities of post subsidy markets with the help of Pexapark’s pricing algorithms and risk methodologies devised by Ph.D. renewable experts with 10+ years of utilities experience.

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Protect your revenue

Could you be losing revenue from incorrect risk management?

  • Bullet proof your risk management

    Access the right risk management tools to protect your revenue with the help of our risk management experts, who come from utility giants such as Axpo Trading, Innogy and E.ON.

  • Know your risk exposure

    Get an instant view of your portfolio value and risk exposure. Gain the capabilities to monitor daily, your performance and key risk drivers within user friendly dashboards.

  • Get daily risk reports

    Get daily calculated risk exposure reports using state of the art quantitative risk modelling combined with accurate portfolio data. Have the controls to protect your revenue.

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Capitalise on new market opportunities

Are you ready to start winning?

  • Attract more corporates

    View and bid directly on RFQs posted by Corporates. Trade directly with leading, Pexapark approved, offtakers.

  • Be more efficient

    Automate processes, portfolio reporting and associated calculations and get critical commercial data at a glance.

  • Think like power traders

    Get the commercial tools needed to enhance your pricing and hedging strategies and optimise your portfolio to drive revenue and mitigate risks.

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