The post-tariff markets have created a major issue for many investors, who are having difficulty overseeing, measuring and managing the revenue of their assets. In a market that is volatile, non-transparent and dependent on variables such as weather, we offer companies an all-in-one solution to help them manage the revenue and risks of their energy power sales.


We help renewable energy investors oversee and anticipate the revenue of their assets by offering them a clear overview of their performance data, market prices, production forecasts and extensive market intelligence. As experts in energy sales we wanted to build a unique ecosystem that would allow investors to effectively evaluate the performance of their assets and benchmark themselves against the market.


Our portfolio monitoring tool is a revenue and risk management platform for wind, solar and hydro. A SaaS solution that offers investors instantaneous access to the most up-to-date data of their assets which include:

  • A complete overview of all key metrics
  • A breakdown of their electricity production
  • Revenue sensitivity to market fluctuations
  • The real cost of imbalance
  • Integrated benchmarking (peers and other assets)
  • And much more