Our Team

Our international team combines over 20 nationalities and brings together a plethora of skills, backgrounds, interests, and education which enables us to conquer the challenges of renewable energy sales, PPAs, and renewable energy market risks management.

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Jana Brankovic

Head of Employee Experiences & Operations

Jana has over 20 years of experience as an Operations & Quality Manager. Most of them she spent in the international energy and assurance field.

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Michael Waldner

CEO & Co-Founder of Pexapark

Michael has 20 years of experience in renewable PPAs, international energy trading, origination and portfolio management.

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Bohdan Lypkan

Senior Frontend Developer

Bohdan is proactive Front-End Developer with over 5 years of experience in developing, designing and optimizing of web applications.

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Florian Müller

CTO & Co-Founder of Pexapark

Florian loves building software and has over 15 years of experience in creating applications. He holds a PhD in Computer Science.

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Karolina Hartzell

Head of Quant Advisory

Karolina has over 5 years of experience in energy risk management with a focus on structured products. She holds a bachelor's in Finance and a master's in Data Analysis.

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Justin Owen


Justin has 20 years of Finance and Accounting experience in the Silicon Valley and Enterprise Software companies.

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Luca Pedretti

COO & Co-Founder of Pexapark

Luca has 15 years’ hands-on experience in energy risk management for renewables in open markets – valuating, structuring, negotiating and managing PPA transactions across Europe.

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Gadi Eichhorn

Co-Head of Quant Engineering

Gadi is a senior software engineer with BsC in Aerospace and over 20 years experience in enterprise software development and consulting.

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Sumon Vangchuay

Head of Events & Social Media

Sumon brings ten years of experience in managing expert events & knowledge platforms. She holds a PhD in International Law.

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Werner Trabesinger

VP Quant

Werner has been active in energy trading for 13 years, including managing a structured trading desk at Axpo trading. His expertise is in structuring of complex transactions and options trading. Werner holds a PhD in Physics from ETH Zurich.

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Polina Probylova

Senior Product Manager

Polina has experience in building and optimising early ventures and oil & gas engineering. She holds a BEng in Sustainable Energy and an MSc in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management.

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Nazar Kushnir

Senior Java Developer

Nazar is Java Senior engineer with more than 10 years of experience focused on developing server side enterprise applications.

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Andriy Mahats

Full Stack Engineer

Andriy brings experience in building web and server-side applications. He holds a MSc in Computer Science.

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Manuel Damsohn

Director - Product Innovation

Manuel has more than 10 years of experience in data analysis in the energy and heavy industry.

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Sandra Wycech

Product Manager - Renewables Community

Sandra has 10 years of experience working with high-growth startups in the areas of operations, community building, product, and project management.

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Debbi Bavin

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Debbi is a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) qualified marketeer, experienced in product marketing for energy software solutions.

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Jonas Nihoj

Head of Portfolio and Trading Services

Jonas has more than 15 years of experience in energy trading and portfolio management. He has been structuring, valuating, negotiating, and managing the risks of long-term contracts incl. PPA’s.

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Alexander Radzishevsky

Head of Transaction Engineering

Alexander is a Software Engineer with several years of experience in server side, web and mobile application development.

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Mathieu Ville

Head of PPA Transactions

Mathieu is an experienced renewable energy investor with over €1bn financing and tens of PPAs structured and successfully executed over the past decade.

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Kashif Javaid

Head of Enterprise Sales

Kashif has nearly 15 years’ experience in the energy trading space in a variety of consulting and sales roles. He holds a PhD in Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial College London.

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Olena Ohuryayeva

Frontend Engineer

Olena brings over 5 years of practical experience in frontend development.

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Roman Hrechukh

Quality Engineer

Roman brings 4 years of experience in logistic and financial IT quality assurance (web and mobile applications).

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Rebecca Liyanage

Sales Development Representative

Rebecca has ten years of experience in business development and entrepreneurship. She holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College London and has led global research focused on carbon storage and hydrology.

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Erik Landstrom

Regional Lead PPA Transaction - Southern Europe

Erik has 10 years of experience analyzing energy markets and advising energy investors in the US, Mexico and Sweden

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Zuzi Tuckwell

Head of Account Management

Zuzi spent over 11 years as a senior sales and account management executive in the energy market both in Europe and the Asia- Pacific region. Zuzi has worked with a wide range of energy, utilities, trading and infrastructure clients helping to deliver business critical pricing and market intelligence solutions.

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Taras Stasyuk

Team Lead - Integrations

Taras brings over 10 years of experience in server side development.

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David Willemsen

Head of Risk Advisory

David brings 10+ years of experience in structuring, negotiating and managing offtake agreements. He has signed numerous PPAs across Europe for large developers with both utilities and corporates.

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Miljan Kosanin

Senior Software Developer

Miljan has 10 years of experience in professional software development, mostly using Java. He holds a Master of Science in Computer Science

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Shalini Sunder

VP Human Resources

Shalini has 16+ years of experience in HR, working with diverse and multicultural teams across the globe. She strives to create a workplace where employees are happy and feel intrinsically motivated to bring their best to work every day.

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Jens Hollstein

VP Advisory

Jens has 20 years of experience in the energy industry. The last 5 years he worked on structuring of renewable offtake agreements and industrial supply contracts.

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Florent Petitfrere

VP Marketing

Florent brings over a decade of experience working in advertising. He specialises in digital marketing, SEO/SEA,  content marketing, lead generation, and analytics.

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Maritina Kanellakopoulou

Senior Insights Analyst and Content Manager

Maritina has 6 years’ experience in research and analysis of clean energy trends, having provided market insights on Europe’s renewables landscape to financiers, project sponsors, and advisors through B2B publications.

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Viktor Kolodrevskiy

Software Engineer

Viktor brings 10+ years in Java Software Engineering.

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Max von Hausen

PPA Transaction Manager

Max has 7 years of experience in originating, structuring and negotiating PPA transactions and in developing trading strategies in Central Europe and Mexico.

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Oleg Shynkar

Team Lead QA

Oleg has more than 9 years of experience in testing desktop, web and mobile applications.

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Xuejiao (Jo) Han

Lead Storage Quant

Xuejiao (Jo) has 5+ years experience in energy economics, markets and optimization modeling in the energy sector. She holds a PhD degree in Power Engineering from ETH Zurich.

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Claudia Rus

Commercial Operations Analyst

Claudia has 8 years of experience in commercial activities and customer service in big multinational companies. She holds a master's degree in Business Administration and Management.

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Sergii Kovalchuk

Data Engineer

Sergii has been working as a Reporting Manager for 11 years and has extensive experience in automated risk reporting.

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Christoph Staub

Co-Head of Quant Engineering

Christoph has over 17 years of experience in quantitative modelling in the Energy sector, including valuation of long-term contracts and renewable power generation.

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Alexander Arendar

Automation QA Engineer

Alexander brings 16 years of experience in QA, software development and project management, with a focus on QA automation for web applications.

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Rommero Carrillo

Director - Business Development

Rommero has 10 years of experience in energy markets, innovation, business development and entrepreneurship.

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Ann Cocquyt

Regional Lead PPA Transaction - Central Western Europe

Ann has 12 years of experience in originating structured contracts and negotiating long-term offtake agreements in Central Western Europe. She also advised corporates on how to optimise their energy risk management.

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Dmytro Kutetsky

DevOps Engineer

Dmytro has over 10 years of experience as a software engineer and has dedicated himself to DevOps engineering a few years back. He holds a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering.

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Dominique Hischier

Head of Analysis

Dominique has 7 years of experience in advancing the global energy transition in a variety of roles, including management consulting, international organisations, power trading and academia. She holds a Master's Degree in Energy Science & Technology from ETH Zurich.

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Maciej Szybiak

Data Analyst

Maciej is a fellow of the Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme at ETH Zurich and holds a Master's degree in Energy Science and Technology.

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Arnaud Juhel

Head of Quantitative Benchmarks

Arnaud brings 5 years of experience from the financial software industry, with a quantitative focus on interest rates. He holds a Master's degree in in international finance from ESC Pau Business School (France).

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Serhii Bezus

Data Analyst

Serhii has more than 3 years of experience in data analysis and developing on a Microsoft Power platform.

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Arpi Komaromi

Sales Operations and Salesforce Administrator

Arpi has over 6 years of hands-on experience in the Salesforce ecosystem working with both startups and enterprise level companies. His expertise is in Salesforce implementation and consulting with a focus on commercial operations

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Eva Nikova

Digital Marketing Specialist

Eva is a digital marketing expert with experience in creating and executing digital marketing strategies on performance and branding for different businesses in various industries.

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Mark Commerford

Team Lead Data Services

Mark has more than 7 years in the data analysis and project management relating to renewable assets, forecasting and portfolio optimization.

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John Dallimore

Head of Corporate PPA

John has over 14 years of experience in the energy industry with extensive utility industry knowledge covering renewable energy PPAs, energy markets, and associated regulations and risk.

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Tom Forrest

Business Development / Software Sales Manager

Tom has over 15 years of global experience in both trading, consulting and business development roles at software vendors and a utility. He holds an honours degree in Commerce & Information Systems.

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Carlotta Carboni

Senior Account Executive

Carlotta brings nearly 10 years of experience in enterprise tech solutions for Capital Markets. Her expertise includes business development in the areas of risk and data management as well as calculations and analytics for the OTC derivatives market.

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Tom Salley

Manager - SDR Team

Tom has 5 years of experience in the energy sector as an engineer at first and then in business development roles. He holds a European Master in Renewable Energy from Mines Paristech.

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Hubert Raich

Team Lead - Quote in Engineering

Hubert has 7 years of experience in backend java development as well as web frontends and mobile apps in public and private sector projects including energy, health, banking, and government.

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Soloman Azizi

Frontend Engineer

Soloman brings 6+ years of software development experience, with the last 4 years specialising in UI development. He holds a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering.

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Natalija Ljubic

Advisory Associate

Natalija holds a Master's degree in Energy Science & Technology from EPF Lausanne with a specialization in energy system modeling and optimization.

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Rostyslav Yanevych

Senior Frontend Developer

Rostyslav brings over 20 years of experience in software development of different desktop applications on Assembler, Pascal, Fortran, Delphi, Ruby on Rails, jQuery backbone.js and Angular.

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Brian Knowles

Director of Storage & Flexibility

Brian has over 10 years of experience developing and financing energy storage projects participating in wholesale energy, ancillary services, and capacity markets.

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Cédric-James Piaget

Head of Quant Risk

Cédric has 7 years of combined experience working in financial risk management and in data analysis relating to renewable assets. He holds a bachelor's in Mathematics and master's in Quantitative Finance.

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Conor Costello

Sales Development Representative

Conor has a background in Software Sales and holds an honours degree in Business Management with a focus on Entrepreneurship.

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Sophie Brown

Data Analyst

Sophie has over 4 years of experience in project management and data analysis.
She has a double degree in Economics and International Management (CEMS MIM) from St. Gallen University.

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Boon-Li Wong


Boon has over 14 years of experience in energy trading and risk management from diverse roles in multinational trading companies. Boon holds a MSc in Mechanical Engineering and a MSc in Business Administration.

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Fruzsina Kovács

Senior Accounting Manager

Fruzsina has 7 years of Finance and Accounting experience. She started her career as an auditor, then joined the controlling team of an international energy trading company.

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Bruno Lichot

Platform & Integrations Product Manager

Bruno spent more than 20 years in product management and innovation, helping enterprises to create a customer-centric products. He is a computer scientist with specialization in software engineering.

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Jorge Seabra

PPA Originator Associate

Jorge has 6 years of consultancy experience in energy industry advising multinational corporates in their electricity & gas contracts' negotiation and purchase strategies across Europe.

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Louis Gallois

Account Executive

Louis has 10+ years of experience in Business Development & Project Management in the Energy Sector.

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Antonia Kilavuz

Business Development Executive

Antonia is an energy economist with 3+ years of experience working in wholesale electricity market advisory and business development. Prior to joining Pexapark she worked at Aurora Energy Research as a Senior Associate and Cluster Manager of the Central Europe Commercial team and Pricewaterhouse Coopers in public sector consulting focussed on energy topics.

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Abhishek Jain

VP Product

Abhishek brings over a decade of experience in product management across cleantech and fintech. He spent the last 6 years building data products to help accelerate the energy transition. Abhishek holds a Masters in Finance from London Business School.

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Jakub Badecki

Full Stack Engineer

Jakub has 7 years of experience in backend java development as well as web frontends in telecommunication, retail and healthcare industries.

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Dietrich Korb

Account Manager

Dietrich has 8 years of experience in business development for renewable energy and tech companies in LATAM and Spain.

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Jonathan Addo

Data Analyst

Jonathan has 4 years of experience working in the financial industry - data processing to interactive dashboards through factor-based attribution on investment portfolios.
He holds a bachelor in Business Administration and a Master in Finance.

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Emma Romei

Intern - Quantitative Products

Emma is currently finishing her master’s in energy science and technology at the ETH. She recently completed an internship at GE where she worked on algorithms to optimize the performance of heat recovery from steam generators.

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Alexander Fels

Senior PPA Originator Manager

Alexander has 11 years of experience in wholesale commodity products, renewable energy and supplying power to industrials in Germany. He holds a master’s in energy economics.

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Sam Dekker

Quantitative Developer

Sam has 3+ years' experience in software development and quantitative analysis in the energy industry, and 7 years' experience as project leader and researcher in the aerospace sector. He holds a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from TU Delft.

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William Cabrera

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

William brings exciting international experience in startup and corporate leadership positions in SaaS, Technology, Strategy and Operations, working both in the Americas and in Europe for companies like McKinsey & Co, BrightEdge, Security Research Labs, Philips, Havas Media, Swisscom and others.

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Tiranth Amarasinghe

Product Marketing Manager

Tiranth is a Product and Brand Marketer and brings experience from Fintech, Consulting, Energy, and the Creative industry. He holds a MBA from Manchester Business School.

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Antoine Drolez

Risk Advisory Manager

Antoine has 6 years of experience in energy markets and risk management from procurement and consulting roles. He holds a Master’s Degree in Finance from University Paris Dauphine.

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Judith Guimerá

Junior Event Coordinator

Judith is a young professional with experience in Community Operations. She holds a Master's degree in Product Development.

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Jack Rankin

Regional Lead PPA Transaction - GB & Ireland

Jack has 8 years’ experience in the energy industry, predominantly focussed on off-take agreement in the GB market. He joined Pexapark in 2022 and advises on PPA transactions across Europe.

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Ademola Adebayo

Senior PPA Transaction Associate

Ademola has over 6 years of experience providing technical advisory and consulting services on the development, financing, construction and operation of power generating assets (thermal and renewable).

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Jacob Roberts

Partnerships Manager

Jacob has 4+ years’ experience in the energy markets, working with a range of energy, utilities, trading and infrastructure clients to deliver critical pricing and market analysis to support their energy transition strategy.

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Tara Seichter

Junior - SDR

Tara has worked in many customer service roles and enjoys building relationships while giving customers the reassuring feeling of being professionally looked after and in good hands with their queries.

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Alex McGregor

Senior Analyst PPA Markets

Alex has 5 years experience in the energy industry, working across power market analysis and routes to market. Alex holds a Masters Degree in Energy & Sustainability from the University of Southampton.

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Miguel Valderrama

Senior PPA Transactions Associate

Miguel has 7+ years of experience in the energy industry covering buy and sell-side PPA transactions, business development, and regulatory advisory. He holds a Law degree from Universidad del Pacifico (Peru) and an MBA from the University of Cambridge (UK).

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Stefan Zivkovic

Accounts Receivable & Operations Specialist

Stefan has an entrepreneurial spirit and has experience in the Finance/Accounts Receivable area. He is currently completing his studies at the FHNW in his final year.

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Isabelle Glotman

PPA Transaction Associate

Isabelle holds a Master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Future’s from Imperial College London providing her with a grounding in the major features of sustainable energy technologies and their interaction with economics, the environment and policy.

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Alex Skoryi

Software Engineer

Oleksandr is a backend engineer with 10 years of experience, he holds 2 master’s degrees in CS and Mechatronics. His main programming language is Java.

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Raphael Zanoni

Senior FP&A Manager

Raphael has 7 years of all-round experience in finance with a strong focus on financial modelling. He holds a master’s degree in advanced finance and passed all CFA & ACCA exams.

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Aaron Bery

Frontend Software Engineer

Aaron has over a decade of experience in software development. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the University of Leeds.

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Isabella Hough

Intern - Advisory

Isabella holds a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Edinburgh with a focus on renewable energy technology.

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Malte Hachmeister


Malte brings several years of experience from sales to large utilities and holds a Masters degree in Business Administration.

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Reda El Ouargua

Quality Assurance Engineer

Reda is working as QA software engineer for almost 20 years, worked on scale project as well as small ones. He has huge experience in performance, manual and automation testing.

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Coni Meili

Intern - PPA Advisory

Coni is finishing his Master's in Business Innovation and Managing Climate Solutions at the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and has prior experience in venture capital in the energy space.

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Loren-Lee Koliadis

Director - DaaS Sales

Loren has over 10 years of experience in software sales leadership and account management. She is experienced in building and scaling high performance sales teams. Loren holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and is a certified coach.

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Elliot Lewis

Frontend Engineer

Elliot is a front end developer with over 7 years experience working with Angular.

Advisory Council

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Christian Schaffner

Executive Director, Energy Science Center (ESC) ETH Zürich

Christian has been working in the energy field for over 20 years. His experience covers startups, policy making and science.

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Walter Steinmann

Senior Advisor at Energy Infrastructure Partners

Walter is the former director of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) and was member of the Governing Board of IEA (Paris) and IAEA (Vienna).

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Pol Budmiger

Entrepreneur / Startup Coach

Pol has 25 years of experience as entrepreneur in IT, engineering and cleantech and supports young companies as a coach.

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Harald von Heyden

Partner of Arctic Securities

Harald has 20+ years experience from the power/renewables industry, having worked mainly within trading, origination, asset development, m&a and venture. He holds an BSc in Management Science from Warwick Business school and an MPhil in management from Cambridge University.

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Christian Hürlimann

Managing Director, EKZ Renewables

Christian has 15+ years of experience in field of renewables and energy, including M&A, asset management and origination.

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Kevin Heffron

Fintech Founder, Investor, Advisor and Business Developer

Kevin is the former President of Trayport Limited. He has over 40 years of experience in commodity, financial and derivative markets finance, trading, structuring and software platform management.

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Daniel Mischler

Chief Digital Officer

Daniel is a former global CIO, regional CEO and experienced investor in startups with successful exits. He maintains a global network to peers.

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Sascha Bibert

Senior Advisor & CFO

Sascha Bibert is Chief Financial Officer at Vallourec. He is a former CFO of multi-billion Euro energy companies, experienced in the energy transition and fueling growth via debt and equity capital. He started his career 22 years ago as an equity analyst and fund manager and is a CFA and CCrA charterholder.