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European Power Forecasting are a passionate team of experts who refuse to settle for average power forecasts, delivering the most impactful wind and solar generation forecasts, backed up by brilliant service, to keep you ahead in the ever-changing energy world.

Armed with years of forecasting experience and a deep understanding of renewable technologies, EPF are constantly refining and evolving their advanced models to produce brilliantly reliable short and long term power forecasts.

Intra-day to day-ahead data. With energy constantly changing, we apply high definition modelling to deliver awesomely accurate predictions from an hourly basis up to 10 days ahead. We’ll keep you regularly updated so you can stay well-informed and smoothly on track.

Solutions just for you. Our fully customizable products allow you to pinpoint the region, time-step and delivery time. So you can enjoy a deeper, more insightful understanding of the data that matters to you.

Stress-free set-up. We’ll work with you to seamlessly and swiftly integrate our data with your existing infrastructure.

And we’ll be on-hand to guide you through any queries, constantly looking at ways to make your data even greater. Expect service as reliable as our forecasts.

EPF is Bloomberg’s partner for Short Term Power Forecasting in European Energy Markets.