PexaConnect integrates data feeds from platform partners for continuous monitoring, revenue and risk calculations. For your assets on PexaConnect we do everything to integrate the data provider of your choice. In case you do not have a certain dataset yet, you can browse through our partner list to find the best fit.

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Digital Engineering applies advanced engineering and technical expertise to develop innovative services and products that support our clients in the energy and infrastructure industries. Founded by experienced professionals from the aerospace and defence sectors, the diverse and focused team includes experts in meteorology, engineering, data science and  renewable energy.

Innovation is the driving force behind the company, which is why they are able to develop pioneering new services that are fundamentally altering the way the energy industry operates – helping to boost performance, optimize maintenance, improve safety and reduce customer downtime, thus increasing your profits.

The entire offering is built around first-rate data and extensively-validated models, which means you can be confident that the information provided is always of the highest quality.

All the unique, data-powered solutions have been designed with one aim in mind – to support the energy industry. Every one of these services has been proven to boost performance, solve problems and increase profit in the real world, so there is no risk for you. Solutions can even be customized to perfectly meet your specific needs.

Since it was founded in 2010 Digital Engineering has become a market leader in providing innovative services and products to stakeholders in the wind industry, and are recognized for providing high quality, accurate data and reports that are tailored to meet the individual needs of the industry.

The products and services help our customers at all stages of the wind project lifecycle, from feasibility to operational projects to data aggregation.

DE’s reports are bankable with a number of financial organisations. A list available on request.

Bankable pre-installation energy yield assessments

Operational energy yield assessments