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Pexapark is trusted by the world’s leading energy companies

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Build highly performant funds

Assess a pipeline of projects on a portfolio/fund level. Get the critical data inputs needed for investment cases in hours, for wind and solar assets in any European market.

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Speed up project approvals

Boost board confidence and elevate your investment proposals with quantitative data demonstrating expected returns and risk for potential renewable acquisitions

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Enhance hedging strategies

Easily perform deeper portfolio analysis by rapidly stress testing potential hedges under different market scenarios. Run thousands of simulations in just a few clicks.

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Best practise for renewables

Effortless revenue/risk calculations for complex portfolios including assets under subsidy, PPAs and GoOs. Know the impact of potential hedging and investment decisions.

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Manage market volatility

Continually manage and optimise your portfolio with an advanced market analysis tool. Mitigate impact of price drops, regulatory caps or decreased production volumes.

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Empower your Quants

Free your experts to focus on critical work by buying, not building, best in class revenue and risk models that are fully maintained by Pexapark’s seasoned renewable experts

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Improve your investment and hedging decisions

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Comprehensive investment analysis

Input in-house price curves, generation forecasts and volatility assumptions or leverage Pexapark’s award winning pricing and blended curves for investment analysis

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Gain investor confidence

Instantly evaluate the impact of new market conditions on your portfolio. Be guided by trusted data analysis on how best to mitigate impact and protect long term cash flow.

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Single approach to investment management

Streamline operations with a single, specialised renewables system, to model portfolio performance and create critical inputs for company wide reporting

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Software as a Service

Leverage Software as a Service and base portfolio management decisions on a calculation engine driven by the latest technology with up to the minute functionality

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Value added services

Pexapark's renewables experts are available under the same roof to support your risk monitoring, portfolio management, PPA negotiation and execution

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Scalable solution

As business needs increase, select additional modules from the Pexa OS to enhance management of revenue, risk and portfolio for your complex renewables projects