Prizes Won

Our recognition for bringing transparency to the renewable industry.

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Innosuisse Scale-up Award

Pexapark has been awarded the Innosuisse Scale-up Award by the Scale-up Award committee of experts and representatives of the Innovation Council of Innosuisse. The award was given based on Pexapark’s high growth potential, novelty solution and business model.

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New Horizons & Innovation Award

Pexapark has received the New Horizons & Innovation Award as part of inspiratia’s Energy & Sustainability Awards that celebrated the achievements of pioneering companies and individuals within the global infrastructure and renewables industry.

We have been recognised for the nature of our innovation, the boldness and risk of approach, our tangible results and the market impact we are making as Pexapark.

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Tracxn Soonicorn Awards (Minicorn)

Pexapark has been showcased as a Minicorn and is amongst the leading Tech startups of Switzerland.

The Tracxn Soonicorn Awards is an initiative by Tracxn to publicly recognise the best of the companies across geographies and sectors. The awards criteria are based on a combination of market size, investment by marquee investors, execution excellence and future growth prospects. 

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Financial Innovation - Wind Investment Awards 2021 (Shortlisted)

Pexapark is shortlisted for the Wind Investment Awards 2021, in the category of the Financial Innovation Award, sponsored by Vestas.

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Top 100 European Power list

Our CEO Michael Waldner is selected among Top 100 European Power list of the most influential leaders and deal makers that shape the financial performance of the wind industry globally. The List came from A Word About Wind’s analysis in the last 12 months – with a consideration going into the next year.

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TechShare Program 2020-2021

Pexapark was selected among 13 companies to take part in the TechShare program in the 2020-2021 cohort. TechShare is the pre-IPO educational training programme that helps Tech entrepreneurs to familiarise themselves with capital markets.

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Energy Risk Awards 2020 – Innovation of the Year

Pexapark won Energy Risk Awards 2020’s Innovation of the Year with PexaQuote. Energy Risk Awards, featuring 24 categories, is considered the longest-running and most prestigious awards for firms involved in energy risk management.

PexaQuote was selected because of its ability to “bring greater transparency, price discovery and liquidity to the renewable energy power purchase agreement (PPA) market than has ever been seen before.” (Source:

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SET100 Startup – 2020

Pexapark is among the top 100 start-ups worldwide to receive the SET100 Start-Up Energy Transition Award. The winners were selected from 570 start-ups from 90 countries in 1 of 5 categories to showcase their solutions to climate change and energy transition. Pexapark is a winner under the category “Renewable Energies & Materials”

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European Commission – Seal of Excellence

In 2020, Pexapark received the Seal of Excellence for our proposal submitted to HORIZON2020, the EU’s research and innovation funding programme. This prestigious endorsement was awarded by the European Commission to highlight the high quality and level of innovation evident in Pexapark’s proposal.

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Venture Leaders – 2019/2020

Pexapark is among the top 10 Swiss Fintech startups to receive the Venture Leaders Fintech Awards and participate in the Venture Leaders Fintech Roadshow in Hong Kong in 2019. Pexapark is also named by Venture Lab among the top 10 Rising Stars of Swiss Fintech for 2020.

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WIPO Young Entrepreneur Award – 2019

Pexapark is among the top three Limmattal start-ups to receive the WIPO Young Entrepreneur Award 2019 by the Economic Panel Limmattal (WIPO) in cooperation with the IFJ Institute for Young Enterprises. Pexapark won over a 15-member jury with its business idea and innovation and stood out among 50 applications from the Limmattal region.

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IMD Startup Competition – 2019/2020

Pexapark is among the 15 winners of the 22nd annual IMD Startup Competition to collaborate with IMD’s MBA class, one of the most selective and rigorous business programs in the world. The winners were chosen among 140 “very solid candidates” in the most competitive year they had so far!

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TOP25 ETH Venture - 2018

Pexapark ranked among the top 25 start-ups in Switzerland’s premier startup competition «Venture» organised by ETH and McKinsey & Co. Winners were selected from 200+ applications and judged by 100+ jurors.

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Finalist Global Fintech Startup Challenge Edge196 – 2018

Pexapark was selected as a finalist in the Global Startup Challenge 2017: FinTech, an initiative to empower innovations & startups across the globe through the platform EDGE 196 based in Delhi, India. The finalists were selected out of 650+ applications globally (196 countries) by 70+ partners and 30+ evaluators.

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Most Innovative Business Idea – 2017

Pexapark won the «Business Creation Award for the most innovative business idea», awarded by a panel of the Swiss Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation, powered by Zurich Insurance Group.