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Pexapark is trusted by the world’s leading energy companies

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Strengthen energy sales strategies

Quantify the value and risk for your renewable projects with daily updated forward price curves specified to your asset's profile. Make data driven commercial decisions.

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Close the most attractive deals

Select the best PPAs every time with the capability to quantitatively compare expected revenues and risk exposure for all PPA structures and options

  • Pricing credit risk
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“Pexapark helped us to analyse and compare the potential risk-adjusted returns for various deals, enabling us to structure the optimal baseload hedge for our new renewables asset”

Adam Basnett M&A, Greencoat Capital

Ensure bankability

Prove debt obligations will be met for Baseload PPAs by performing liquidity analytics to assess cashflow impact of hourly over / under production and cannibalization risk

  • Baseload PPA Guide
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Optimise your hedging strategy

Quantify the optimal hedge ratio under different PPA structures to increase revenue within acceptable levels of risk for your asset. Test and compare different scenarios.

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"Using Pexapark's advanced renewables analytical tool, we are able to optimally structure our PPAs with a view to generating better cash yields for our assets"

Jordi Francesch Head of Asset Management and Chief Risk Officer at Glennmont Partners

Increase your opportunities

Be empowered to go beyond Pay as Produced PPAs with the capability to value and assess risks for complex deal options and structures. Get out-of-the box analytics.

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Protect future revenues

Ensure hedges continue to drive revenue at best level of risk by running Monte Carlo simulations to stress test deals under different volatility, pricing or production scenarios

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Assess the best hedging options with PexaQuant

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Deal Comparison and Analysis

Compare PPA structures and like for like deals to determine the best revenue at risk. Integrate with PexaQuote or use your own price and capture curves.

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Advanced Pricing and Analytics

Utility grade quant solution, performs 2,000 price and production simulations to accurately calculate probability of achieving various revenue targets

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Hedging Optimisation

View expected revenues for each PPA structure and hedge ratio (e.g. 30%, 50%, 70%, 90%.) Find the optimal hedging strategy for your renewable assets.

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Analyse Cash Flows at Risk

Calculate how capture value could deteriorate over time to determine value impact from future cannibalisation of your assets

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Simulation Analysis and Comparison

Analyse asset revenue for each year including the % of certainty that each project will achieve market revenues to the expected value

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Evaluate Project Bankability

Quantify the probability of consistent revenue streams for PPAs. Easily calculate the liquidity shortfall by month or by quarter for your assets.

License model

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Bespoke Quantitative Report

Analytical report providing professional analysis for a single project

Popular Features

  • Evaluation of project revenues under different hedging strategies
  • Define parameters including tenors, price assumptions and PPA structures
  • Evaluation of revenue at risk and identification of optimal hedge ratio
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Quantitative software solution

12 months of unlimited access to utility-grade quantitative software

Popular Features

  • Evaluate hedging strategies for multiple projects on demand
  • Configurable parameters enabling assessment of more scenarios
  • User training and guides provided
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Software and Advisory

Professional single project analysis and unlimited quant software access

Popular Features

  • Professional analysis of a single project
  • Bespoke Quantitative report
  • End to end PPA transaction services
  • 12 months of unlimited access to Quantitative software