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Trusted PPA pricing visibility with PexaQuote

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Access daily pricing intelligence

For 18 European markets and growing. Showing all standard PPA structures and tenors.

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Compare PPA prices

See average production profiles and reference PPA pricing for solar, onshore and offshore wind in each European market.

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Optimise GoO revenues

Get up to date pricing for Guarantees of Origin’s (GoO) for wind, solar and hydro, in multiple European markets.

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Track daily price movement

See daily pricing fluctuation and track market movement. See the last 12 months min and max prices for each PPA structure and market.

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Understand how utilities price PPAs

View ‘liquidity premiums’ - the fair value utilities deduct from PPA pricing to ensure against renewable energy risks and hedging costs.

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Get advanced pricing curves

View / export market based forward price curves, baseload curves and capture curves. Derived from today’s traded prices and extrapolated.

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PPA pricing data is not easily available, we save time using Pexaquote and value seeing daily market based pricing at a glance for our countries of interest.

Daniel Parsons Head of PPA at BayWa r.e. Renewable Energy

Pricing data in seconds

  • Pexapark’s pricing algorithms provide daily reference PPA prices in user friendly screens.

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PexaQuote is a data partner to Refinitiv’s Eikon platform

Optimise value for renewable assets

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Discover the optimal location

Simply drop a pin in the map to find and compare pricing in different locations for assets, based on location’s meteorological data and technology production profile.

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Find the optimal technology

View and compare PPA pricing for different types of turbines or by different angles/slopes and direction of solar panels.

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View pricing for custom PPAs

Define and amend parameters including PPA structure, tenor and start dates to calculate reference PPA pricing for custom preferences.

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Price risk into your PPAs

Get automated credit risk calculations defining the optimal credit guarantee values for each PPA based on counterparty credit rating and deal structure.

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Unlock the value of energy storage

See energy storage pricing data needed to optimise solar + storage strategies and secure the highest capture prices

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Understand pricing drivers

Receive weekly analyst commentary on market movement and pricing drivers. Access the PPA tracker capturing all closed PPAs and deal details.

Location Based Pricing

  • Evaluate the value of new renewable assets. Reduce your research from weeks to minutes.

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Having daily pricing intelligence for markets of interest helps us to continually assess the profitability of new investments up until deal signature

Jens Schnoor Investment Director at CEE

Markets covered

  • Austria
  • France
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Slovakia
  • Czechia
  • Romania
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • filler
  • Finland
  • Portugal
  • U.K.
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License model

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An overview of European PPA pricing and activity

Popular Features

  • Market view of PPA Price Indices, by technology and geographies
  • Weekly professional market commentary on commodity price movements affecting PPA price setting
  • View all closed PPA deals and/or report your closed PPA deal to make it public
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Advanced pricing intelligence for your chosen market(s)

Popular Features

  • All Freemium features, plus:
  • Daily benchmark pricing for your chosen market(s), by structure, technology type and tenor
  • Track daily price evolution and view historic minimum and maximum settlement prices
  • GoO bid, ask and settlement prices
  • Discounts for expected credit loss for all calculated PPA prices
  • View fair utility risk discounts and potential pricing premium for Corporate PPA
  • View historic and forward capture price curves to quantify impact of cannibalization risk in your market(s)
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Modular features for renewable revenue optimisation

Popular Features

  • All Premium features, plus:
  • Project and site-specific PPA pricing for renewable assets based on meteorological data and technology production profile
  • Calculate bespoke pricing adjusting location, technology, production profile and PPA terms. Save and compare PPA price calculations for later reference.
  • Realised pricing for storage + Solar across Germany, Spain and UK. Simulate up to 6 different storage duration and power ratio scenarios