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Pexapark is trusted by the world’s leading energy companies

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Ensure bankability

Are you sure you will get the returns you expect?

  • Know your future expected cash flow

    Effortlessly quantify potential revenue distribution for new investments. Our Monte-Carlo simulations show revenue values at different risk percentiles, giving you greater reporting accuracy.

  • Know your lifetime investment value

    Determine the bankability of your investment with our quantitative pricing and risk analysis. Simulate expected cash flow in a few clicks, for your entire investment lifetime.

  • Assess credit risk

    Protect against potential offtaker default. Instantly know the risk deduction you should apply to pricing for each PPA contract, based on the counterparty’s credit rating, PPA tenor and structure.

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"Pexapark’s expertise has been fundamental in shaping and building our understanding in the opportunities and challenges in the post subsidy renewable energy market"

Martin Scharrer Head of PPA Origination at Encavis

Close deals that give the most revenue

How do you compare like for like deals to optimise revenue?

  • Quantify the best offer

    Easily simulate ‘like for like’ PPA structures to determine future cash flow for each offer, with our state-of-the-art quantitative analysis software. Get confidence in selecting deals that optimise revenue.

  • Achieve your IRR

    Ensure investments meet your IRR. Assess for each potential deal, various revenue and risk scenarios. Use different price curves via our quantitative analytical software.

  • Execute the most attractive deals

    Determine the most attractive deals with support from our PPA experts. Get their review and guidance on the finer details of commercial PPA terms.

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Manage your risk exposure

How do you assess your risk exposure for each PPA deal?

  • Manage your asset risk exposure

    Execute deals that help mitigate risk by accurately calculating the risk exposure for your asset in each PPA. Use quantitative risk analytics, embedded within our software solutions.

  • Manage your portfolio risk exposure

    Assess the risk of each potential PPA across your entire portfolio using our quantitative software developed by seasoned PhD renewable experts. Execute the deals with the best risk revenue.

  • Take advantage of portfolio correlations

    Easily see risk correlations for each potential PPA across your entire portfolio. Achieve the right diversification balance to minimise your portfolio risk exposure.

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