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Be in control of market risks

Are you on top of your portfolio risk?

  • Track your portfolio risk

    Effortlessly keep track of your portfolio’s risk exposure. Have confidence your volumes are not exposed to excessive risks and that you have the right risk-to-hedging cost ratio.

  • Know your risk drivers

    Understand the impact of pricing, profile, capture and balancing risks across your portfolio and define the best hedging strategies for each specific driver.

  • Manage risk correlations

    Correctly model risk correlations across your entire portfolio and achieve the right diversification balance, minimising hedging costs and portfolio exposure.

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Master your hedging

Does your portfolio risk match your investment goals?

  • Know when to hedge

    Watch your portfolio position automatically update in line with deal transactions or market price movement. See your daily risk exposure and know when you need to hedge.

  • Hedge like a pro

    In a few simple clicks, perform ‘What if?’ analysis and see the risk impact of potential hedging decisions. Have confidence you are executing optimal hedges.

  • Grow your profits

    Seize new commercial opportunities whilst keeping risk in line with your investment goals by using quantitative risk analytics, embedded within our software solutions.

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Manage your risk more efficiently

Are you wasting time on menial tasks?

  • Maintain key data in one place

    Group contractual agreements for your assets in a digital repository and work from the master version for faster, consistent revenue and risk calculations.

  • Move faster in liquid markets

    Automate processes, portfolio reporting, and associated calculations and get critical commercial data at a glance. Be empowered to make faster commercial decisions and seize the best opportunities.

  • Eliminate costly errors

    Reduce manual data entry errors. Integrate with SCADA production data and financial systems for straight-through processing of your key business intelligence data.

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