Our Team


We founded Pexapark to help bring clean, renewable energy to the forefront of the industry. An ambitious goal we want to achieve by building the first renewables ecosystem. An all-in-one solution that combines big data, valuable analytics and market participants on a single platform, in order to build a sustainable energy economy.

Michael Waldner

At Pexapark, we apply energy risk management to the benefit of renewable investments and see PPAs as a tool to structure cash flows and risks. And for me it is still and always a way to do my part to support renewables growing and thriving.

Luca Pedretti

I feel that we at Pexapark are building the future platform for renewable energy. That's not simply translating business ideas into code - it's about working in a great team of enthusiastic people that feel like they can change the world — and enjoy doing that together every day.

Florian Müller

At Pexapark we are big believers in Einstein’s philosophy: ‘if you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it well enough’. My objective is therefore to help our clients invest in renewable energy by making the complex simple, the abstract relatable and the technical understandable.

Christian Wehbe

Michael Waldner CEO, Co-founder
Luca Pedretti COO, Co-founder
Florian Müller CTO, Co-founder
Christian Wehbe Chief Commercial Officer
Daniel Mischler Chief Digital Officer
Vladimir Kadlec Senior Energy Structurer
Jana Brankovic Operations Manager
Anais Mischler Intern
Manuel Damsohn Head Product Strategy
Anton Udyrenko Senior Frontend Engineer
Taras Velykyy Senior Backend Engineer
Nazar Kushnir Senior Backend Engineer
Dima Leonov Senior UX/UI Designer
Alexander Radzishevsky Senior Backend Developer
Bohdan Lypkan Senior Frontend Developer
Grzegorz Skarzynski VP Markets
Pawel Wołczański Senior
Product Developer