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Pexapark is trusted by the world’s leading energy companies

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Know how to get the best deals

Are you getting the best prices for your green energy supplies?

  • Master PPAs

    Join our academies to understand the A to Z of PPAs. Learn different PPA structures and how to optimise agreements to achieve the best price to risk ratio.

  • Lock in the right prices

    View in a snapshot the market prices you should pay for your green energy. Our platform even shows you the discounts you should apply to protect against liquidity risk and hedging costs.

  • Find the best markets

    See daily market-based pricing for European wind and solar contracts at a glance. Instantly spot which markets offer the most attractive prices and shift your trading activities to increase profits.

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“A key feature of PexaQuote for us is the dynamic reporting of renewable power pricing on the market, which allow us to validate the accuracy of our pricing models”

Roland Kok Head of Global Services - PPA & Structured Origination at RWE Renewables

Protect your profits

Could you be risking your profits?

  • Master Risk Management

    Attend our risk academies lead by renewable energy experts with 10+ years of utilities experience. Learn how to manage the key post-subsidy risks that could be jeopardising your profits.

  • Avoid being trapped into long term risk

    Simulate multiple deals with our quantitative pricing and risk analytics to effortlessly see the long term impact of credit risk, cannibalisation, volume and pricing risks for each deal.

  • Manage your risk exposure

    Get daily calculated risk exposure reports using state of the art quantitative risk modelling combined with daily portfolio data. Have the controls to protect your revenue.

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"Viewing forward pricing curves and GoO pricing for wind and solar helps us to execute the best PPAs, bringing greater value to our customers"

Sven Geier Portfolio Manager at MVV