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Pexapark Supports German Independent Power Producers with Post-EEG PPAs

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– German onshore wind projects sign five short-term PPAs for 40 MW to mitigate post-subsidy risks and take aging assets into the next phase of their operational life
– Agreements signed as Germany may head for record power prices in Q3 of 2021
– Pexapark launches new Trading as a Service offering to expedite PPA deals amid favourable market conditions

Zurich, September 13th, 2021 – Pexapark, a provider of software and advisory services for post-subsidy renewable energy sales, supported three German independent power producers (IPP) in signing five short-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) as power prices soar to all-time highs in Germany.

Short-term PPAs in Germany are rising in prominence as a means of hedging the myriad of risks posed by the continual shift of Germany’s renewable energy industry into to a post-subsidy market, following the phase out of Feed-in Tariffs backed by the Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz (EEG).

Pexapark is currently working with independent power producers (IPPs) by offering them easy to transact and highly standardised PPAs, that enable them to capitalise on favourable market conditions.

According to PexaQuote data, prices for three-year PPAs topped €60 per MWh in August 2021, while the prices being commanded for one-year PPAs were at almost €70 per MWh, having been on a steep upward trajectory since the Autumn of 2020, when the cost of power was just under €34 per MWh.

Jonas Nihoj, Head of Portfolio and Trading Services, Pexapark, said: “With German power prices being driven to their highest level in more than a decade by commodity prices, now is the time for IPPs to be securing their prices, and to take advantage of the historically very attractive prices. We have the experience to assist IPPs now looking at crossing the bridge from the old world of EEG into the new world of energy trading – but the window of opportunity for negotiating such good prices could quickly narrow.”

The PPAs signed are with a leading utility offtaker, covering five mature onshore wind projects with an average age of 20 years, and are designed to mitigate commercial and operational risks. These PPAs protect against potential power price downsides and offer certainty for investors by providing a fixed level of power price per MWh as the market transitions.

At the same time, according to a study by Swiss energy company Alpiq, it is estimated that almost a quarter of onshore wind farms in Germany are reaching the end of their subsidised lifetime. These aging projects will soon be exposed to merchant risk and will require new business models to continue their operational lifetime.

Closing short-term PPAs is a core part of making lifetime extension financially worthwhile in these new market conditions, while providing cover for technical risks and attracting further investment.

Pexapark has a long track record in advisory services for PPAs and now that experience is being utilised as part of a new ‘Trading as a Service’ offering
that supports IPPs in closing out PPAs quickly, while overcoming the various challenges they face, such as negotiating contracts and obtaining quotes.

The service is aimed at speeding up that process; contracts are already written, negotiated and the Request for Quote (RFQ) process is expedited through Pexapark’s existing suite of tools and services.

Jonas added: “Many IPPs will not have the experience in negotiating PPAs when emerging from the EEG world. But we can support with expertise, so that they can be confident the contractual terms will be the best, designed to mitigate their energy risks. Short-term PPAs, such as those we have supported on through our new trading services offering, can help reduce the financial risks of operating aging wind farms out of subsidy and will provide greater optionality around asset lifetime extension decisions. Ultimately, it will enable them to keep important generating capacity online and optimise their portfolio.”

Pexapark is exhibiting at HUSUM Wind at Messe Husum and Congress on September 14 – 17 at stand 4A22. Its advisors will be on hand to offer market insights and discuss current opportunities for securing prices.


About Pexapark

Based in Zurich and founded in 2017 by Michael Waldner, Luca Pedretti and Florian Müller, Pexapark is a rapidly growing, award-winning renewable enterprise software company.

At Pexapark, we are passionate about the global growth of green energy to create a more sustainable world. Our vision is to become the Operating System of choice for the renewables industry to buy, sell, and manage energy in post-subsidy markets, by creating transparency, facilitating new transactions, and providing the best software foundation for renewable energy sales and risk management.

With more than 12,000 MW of renewable PPA transactions supported, Pexapark has become the one-stop source for software solutions and advisory services in the fastest growing part of the renewable energy market.

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