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Pexapark is trusted by the world’s leading energy companies

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Execute PPAs at the best prices

Know the true value of your energy using our proprietary price modelling. Our seasoned negotiators will tap into our large pool of offtakers to secure the best prices.

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Close your deals faster

Get a faster execution at better terms for your short term PPAs by having your deals reviewed and negotiated by renewable trading experts

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“Fast closure of a route-to-market contract for our French assets was critical, so we wanted to work with a partner that had a large network of offtakers and vast experience in structuring and negotiating short term contracts, Pexapark were the obvious choice.”

Johann Pollinger Fund Manager at wpd invest

Minimise sales costs

Eliminate costly in-house time and resource by letting us handle your short term PPA transactions. We manage your RFQs, contract negotiations and support the execution.

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Stay ahead of regulatory change

Be informed and able to respond quickly to the changing market and regulatory environment. Be guided on how to protect and optimise revenues when the rules change.

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