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Pexapark is trusted by the world’s leading energy companies

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Get prepared for the new era of post subsidy markets

Do you have the right risk foundations to protect and grow your revenue?

  • Build your risk expertise

    Apply Pexapark’s quantitative risk methodology to form a rock-solid risk policy, guiding intelligent hedging and risk management strategies that help mitigate risk.

  • Shape your risk infrastructure for tomorrow’s markets

    Get the right components to manage critical risk in post subsidy markets. We will guide you to implement the best technology, in-house talent, and processes to support your risk appetite.

  • Drive revenue for your investments

    Set up and monitor smart risk metrics to better manage your cash flow. Act on lucrative market opportunities with confidence and increase your asset revenue generation.

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“The team at Pexapark has a deep understanding of the PPA market, which enables them to present and discuss the risks related to PPAs in a structured manner”

Kari Tikkanen Transaction Manager at OX2

Get the power of a Quant team

Can you turn portfolio risk into commercial gains?

  • Better decision support

    Have the power to effortlessly run Monte Carlo simulations and determine the impact of any proposed hedge before executing. Ensure every PPA optimises revenue for your assets.

  • Quantify your cash flow

    Rapidly simulate ‘What if’ scenarios and evaluate the risk exposure on your portfolio for each potential deal using our trusted quantitative risk methodology.

  • Be alerted to risk breaches

    Define risk limits in line with your risk appetite and instantly see when breaches occur. Take mitigating action faster and minimise your risk exposure.

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"Their PPA review and advisory services will ensure the highest possible quality and competitiveness of the PPA structure"

Olli Hagqvist Investment Manager at Taaleri

Make risk management part of your DNA

Can you risk being unprepared for future market shocks?

  • Risk Report

    Get the right governance and controls to measure risk impact daily, on your realised and unrealised revenue. Monitor risks daily, stop relying on outdated annual price forecasts.

  • Transform your team

    Manage risk as effectively as leading utilities. We can help shape your renewable investment team to competently handle origination, portfolio management, and energy risk.

  • Create a risk culture

    Learn how to take a systematic and probability-based approach to decisions. Keep risk in mind across your organisation in every choice.

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