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Pexapark is trusted by the world’s leading energy companies

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Increase investment opportunities

Establish solid risk foundations to support commercial growth and revenue security in merchant markets. Be guided by energy risk advisors with 21+GW experience.

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Actively manage your risk

Build an energy risk report to dynamically monitor and manage your key risk drivers. Rapidly mitigate risk in response to critical events or market price movement.

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“The team at Pexapark has a deep understanding of the PPA market, which enables them to present and discuss the risks related to PPAs in a structured manner”

Kari Tikkanen Transaction Manager at OX2

Build an optimised portfolio

Construct a profitable and risk balanced portfolio with the support of experienced energy risk advisors and advanced pre deal portfolio analytics to assess and select new assets.

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Increase your portfolio revenue

Unlock additional revenue by managing assets on a portfolio level. Model risk correlations and optimise diversification to minimise your risk exposure.